Wool Rug Protector

Wool Rug Protector application may prevent spills from becoming permanent stains

Wool rug protector works like an upholstery fabric protector in that it is designed to repell common food and beverage spills as well as solid pet accidents from staining wool. It is especially helpful in repelling liquids. However, even if you have your rug protected with a wool safe protector application you should still blot up the spill or accident as soon as possible. Even oil based spills like salad dressings will bead up on a wool rug that has had a protector applied. Wool rug protector can not be used as a substitute for attending to a spill or pet accident but it will decrease the speed at which liquid penetrates the wool.


When cleaning up any accident on a natural fiber rug refrain from scrubbing or rubbing the fibers as the friction will unravel the wool fibers and most likely cause pile distortion. Use a towel or paper towels to blot up all the fluids. If the top of the rug is damp but you know you got all the spill then set a fan near the rug and direct the air to the damp area to expedite drying. The longer fluid is on a rug the more likely it can seep into the rug.

Over time fabric protector applied to wool rugs will wear off especially in areas where there is heavy foot traffic. To test if your rug has a protector pour a small amount of water on the rug, if the water does not bead up then the protector has worn off. Be sure to quickly blot the residual water.









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