Should Ask Questions


We’re giving you the correct answers to the should ask questions. Be informed and ask these queries to anyone that offers to clean your wool, silk, cotton or other natural fiber rug.  If they do not answer these questions correctly do not let them clean rugs. 

Is your company insured to handle & transport rugs?

We carry special insurance that covers your rugs while they are  in our care.  Do not let your rug be transported or handled by any company or individual that is not properly insured.  Ask for proof.

Does your company clean rugs locally?

Pressluft has a rug cleaning plant in Rocklin, that is specifically designed to handle natural fiber rug cleaning. Do not let anyone clean your rug in your home, in your driveway, on the patio, in their home or in their garage.  Thousands of wool, silk and other natural fiber rugs are ruined every day because of untrained cleaners that do not understand the issues specific to natural fibers.  All natural fiber rugs including, wool, silk, cotton and blended natural fibers should be cleaned in a controlled environment.

Is your company equipped, trained and certified to wash natural fiber rugs?

We are certified Master Rug Cleaners and Textile Pro Certified.  That means we trained extensively and our skills and knowledge have been tested by the best rug cleaning schools (in the world)  and by the most knowledgeable and trusted experts.

Does your company have a submersion pit?

Pressluft has this very important equipment.  It is necessary to submerge some rugs, especially rugs with urine, blood or feces contamination as well as rugs that need water or fire restoration.  Surface cleaning will not remove urine from rugs.  If you ask a prospective cleaner how they will remove the urine and they say anything except submersion-they do not know what they are doing.

Is your company certified as Master Rug Cleaners and/or Textile Pros?

Yes- This is the proof that a company has invested resources and years of hands on application of knowledge to develop the expertise needed to properly clean natural fiber rugs.  To find a certified rug cleaner near you check out the Master Rug Cleaner directory or the Rug Cleaner Info directory.






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