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The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (II-CRC) Standard S-100 states that, “When practical, the preferred system for cleaning rugs is to remove them from the customer’s home or business and clean them in a controlled ‘in-plant’ environment”. Standard S-100 continues, “Failure to perform specialized procedures may result in permanent damage to the rug and or flooring under and around the rug”. It is unfortunate that carpet cleaners convince their customers that they can properly clean wool rugs with their truck mount equipment in the home. This is absolutely incorrect and one of the most serious mistakes the rug owner and carpet cleaner, can make.

Thousands of rugs are ruined everyday by carpet cleaners and unskilled rug cleaners, that take a huge risk with your fine rugs. Hiring a Certified Master Rug Cleaner will insure that your Wool, Silk, Cotton and Blended rugs are properly cleaned and handled throughout the cleaning process.

At Pressluft we clean all natural fiber rugs in our Rocklin Plant. We implement Green Cleaning whenever possible by using safe solutions, clean rinses, appropriate disposal of debris and when Mother Nature allows, we use the sun and wind for drying.

Pressluft is the only Certified Master Rug Cleaner  and Textile Pro Certified in the Sacramento Valley.  Our service areas include Placer County,El Dorado County, and Sacramento County including Orangevale, El Dorado HillsFolsomFair OaksGold RiverCarmichaelSacramentoRosevilleGranite BayRocklin, LoomisLincolnNewcastle and Auburn.

The Pressluft Process

Prior to cleaning, rugs are inspected, fiber tested, and colorfast tested in our Rocklin Rug Cleaning Plant. The results of the tests dictate which method of cleaning is safe and appropriate for each rug. Not all rugs are cleaned the same way. We take meticulous care of every rug. Contaminated rugs are kept separate from non-contaminated rugs on our trucks and in our shop.

We DUST rugs. In fact our name Pressluft means compressed air. This is the first step in our cleaning procedure. The process of dusting removes dirt from the rug prior to washing. Yes, you read that correctly- we remove all the dirt before we start washing! We really get down to the nitty gritty and after the deep dirt is gone then we wash the fibers. Some rug cleaners vacuum rugs before they wash them- vacuuming does not remove the deep down dirt that is removed with dusting. Many cleaners do not remove any dirt before they apply water- that results in the dirt becoming mud and settling into the foundation fibers. Carpet cleaners that use truck mount units or portable units to clean rugs are surface cleaning not deep cleaning. In-home cleaning will remove surface dirt but it will leave chemical residues (which hastens re-soiling) and mud ( in the foundation fibers) causing brittleness and breakage of the fibers. Over time a rug that is cleaned in the home may fall apart from the inside out.

We Love Rugs

We love rugs and we have our hands on every rug–from start to finish. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and in providing excellent Customer Service. Other services include Rug Repairs, Rug Wrapping, Moth Control, Fringe Replacement, Fringe Repairs, Rug Protector Application, Rug Pads, Urine Removal, Pick Up and Delivery.


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