Rug Wrapping

The primary reason for Rug Wrapping is to protect rugs during short or long-term storage.

Short Term Storage

Rug Wrapping provides a great way to protect your rugs during home remodeling projects including, hardwood floor installation or refinishing, tile work, painting, sheet rocking, moving walls, window installations or any other renovation that moves particles into the air that could settle into the rugs. A dirty rug is deteriorating quickly and dirty rugs are where bugs like to hang out and fine dine on their favorite fibers. If you roll a dirty rug and tuck it away it is very likely that clothes moths and rug beetle larva will eat the wool. It is so disheartening to see the damage that they do in such a short time. Another appropriate time to store your fine rugs is when you have puppies. Chew damage may be repairable; urine damage is often permanent. Both are preventable.

Long Term Storage

Many people like to change the look of their homes seasonally. Rather than tuck those winter rugs in the closet or under the bed or in the garage get them cleaned,treated and wrapped so they are ready to roll out next winter. You won’t have to worry about bugs or insects or other damage if you follow our guide. During extended travel or moving there is no better way to protect your rugs. It’s simple, cost effective and when you want to use your rugs again, just unwrap and roll them out. Voila!

Properly wrapped rugs will be protected from environmental elements, damage caused by pets, insects, dirt, grease, grime from dirty hands, and mold & mildew caused by moisture.

Whether a rug is stored in your home, garage, a storage center, or a moving van our system to proper rug wrapping will keep your rug safe & clean.

Five Steps to Proper Rug Wrapping

  1. Have rugs professionally cleaned by a Master Rug Cleaner, to remove dirt, food & beverage spills, pet contamination, hair, fur, feathers and insects.
  2. Have your rug care professional apply Clothes Moth Repellant
  3. Roll the rug- Never fold a rug. Folding a rug for long durations can permanently crease, tear or break natural fibers.
  4. Wrap in Tyvek Paper-never wrap wool in plastic wrap as this natural fiber has a moisture content all it’s own and may sweat in hot conditions. Plastic will retain the moisture, which may cause the rug to rot. Tyvek Paper is breathable so the wool rug will stay dry even when it’s hot. Tyvek Paper will keep the bugs & insects out! It is the best material for rug wrapping and storage.
  5. Keep wrapped rugs off the floor during storage just in case water gets on the floor- washer overflows, leaks, heavy rains, spills etc..

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