Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions refer to the inquiries that rug owners ask when they contact us for the first time.

Where are you located?

4320 Anthony Ct # 9

Rocklin, CA  95677

Do you provide pick up & delivery?

Absolutely.  Large rugs are very heavy and we understand they can be difficult to move.  Do not risk hurting yourself, we are equipped to safely move rugs. Please contact us to schedule a pick up. 

Can you remove pet urine from my wool rug?

Urine can quickly damage and discolor natural fibers including wool, silk and cotton.  All rugs with extensive urine contamination need to be washed in a submersion bath.  The wash process will remove all urine, uric acids and the urine smell however we may not be able to remove the discoloration.  Timing is critical with any pet accident.  The more quickly it is properly treated the more likely you will save your rug.  If you have puppies it may be worth it to have your rugs cleaned and stored until your puppy is house trained.

How long do you need to keep my rug?

Our cleaning system includes multiple tests prior to cleaning and every rug is cleaned and detailed rug by rug.  Please plan on a 7-10 day turn around if your rug is with us for cleaning only.  If your rug needs repairs we will discuss how much longer we need to keep it. Rest assured- when your rug is in our care it is in good hands.  Rugs that only need dusting can stay with us a couple of days.

Can I drop off my rug?

Yes, by appointment only. Please contact us and we will schedule a time and day that works for you

My dog chewed the edge of my wool rug, can you repair it?

Yes. Often we can repair the ends or sides of rugs damaged by vacuum cleaners or pets.  Please contact us to schedule an inspection. 

I have an Antique Rug, do you have the expertise to clean it?

We are Certified Master Rug Cleaners & CERTIFIED Textile Pros.  We are qualified and have the needed knowledge and skills to properly clean your antique rug in our local Rug Cleaning Plant.


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