Pet Urine Removal Treatment

Pet Urine Removal Treatment can Save your Rug.

This pet urine removal treatment guide is effective when implemented immediately after a dog urinates on a wool rug. It include notes and a step by step action plan to sucessfully remove pet urine from your wool rugs. Act quickly. Good Luck!

Pet Urine can ruin any natural fiber rug. The quicker that you implement the pet urine removal treatment the greater the chances are that you can save your rug. If you have puppies or adult dogs that have frequent accidents keep the supplies needed together and on hand, so you can quickly get to work when an accident occurs.

Over the counter products are not designed for use on wool, silk, cotton or other natural fibers. Do not use OXYCLEAN, FOLEX OR RESOLVE.

Supplies Needed for Pet Urine Removal Treatment



white towels, cornstarch, white vinegar, fan,vacuum


Do NOT Rub or Scrub during the pet urine removal treatment process. Natural fibers will twist and break causing more damage. Pet Urine is acidic & hot so the damage to your rug rug happens very quickly. A permanent stain can occur within minutes.

Let’s get Started

1-use a white towel to blot the urine soaked area. (DO NOT RUB OR SCRUB THE AREA)

2-Keep checking what is transferring on to the towel.**


If you only see pet urine transferring on to the towel then continue to

Blot until you see no more transfer.

Place a towel under the rug- under the contaminated area.

Dampen a sponge a solution of 50%white vinegar & 50%water

Blot the contaminated area with the sponge.

Resume blotting the area with a clean dry towel until you think you have removed all the liquids.

Pack cornstarch on the damp area be sure to include a couple inches outside the contaminated perimeter.

Cornstarch will absorb the remaining liquid from the surface of the rug. If the cornstarch stiffens as it dries then it can then be removed with a spatula or putty knife.

Vacuum any residual.

Dry the foundation- lift the dry end of the rug & set a fan so that it can circulate air under the rug.

It often takes 24 hours to completely dry the rug from surface to foundation.

Make certain the entire rug is bone dry to prevent rotting your rug.

**If you see other colors during the initial blotting process

Stop blotting (it is possible that the urine has caused the rug dyes to migrate to adjacent fibers)

Skip the Vinegar procedure

Proceed with packing the area with cornstarch.

Let the cornstarch wick up the remaining liquids.

Clean up the cornstarch.

Set a Fan under the rug until it is completely dry.







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