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Auburn Rug Cleaning

Auburn is home to many of our personal friends, family and customers.  We have been providing services in Auburn for two decades.

We are passionate about natural fiber rugs and their care. We value our customers and provide quality rug cleaning. We are certified Master Rug Cleaners specializing in cleaning wool, silk, cotton & blended fiber rugs.  We clean hand-knotted, hand-woven, tufted, and fine machine made rugs. We clean authentic Oriental Rugs, Navajo Rugs, Tribal Rugs, Needlepoint Rugs, Rugs from China, Greece, Turkey, France, India, Egypt, Morocco, Nepal & Pakistan

When a wool rug is properly cleaned it looks and feels great.  The colors are vibrant.  A clean rug lasts longer- it is the dirt at the foundation of the rug that expedites deterioration.

We are seeing beautiful natural fiber rugs that have been ruined because the company cleaning them was too greedy to admit they didn’t have the training or skills to clean it properly.  The cleaners want the money so they lie and take a huge risk with someone’s beautiful rug.  Don’t let this happen to you.

The word is getting out that there are many, many unscrupulous carpet cleaners & rug cleaners that are falsely selling their rug cleaning skills.  We know of companies working in Auburn that are telling trusting customers that they can clean their natural fiber rugs. Frequently the carpet cleaners are saying they will take the rug to their shop and hand wash it.  They do neither.  The rug ends up on their garage floor and to save time they will run a wand over it or use a buff pad to surface clean.  The rug is not clean.  The rug owner is taking great risk as their rug will likely be ruined.


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