Beni Ouarain Hendira

Posted on: August 14th, 2013

Beni Ouarain Hendira- We just get so amped when an unusual textile comes to us. This interesting tribal piece peaked our full attention. This gem is from Morocco! The owners bought it as a rug while in Morocco. We found they are frequently sold with actual rugs however they will last longer with little or no foot or pet traffic. In this case the owners cat loved the rug a bit too much. The long fiber does feel a bit like long dried grass.


It is traditionally used as a cloak sometimes as a top cover for a bed, a throw for furniture or a wall hanging. In Morocco, women usually make these for their daughter’s trousseau. It is not common to see them used as rugs.


A Beni Ouarain is Reversible. This one has long shaggy fibers on one side

Beni Ouarain Hendira

lips). I price very 1-2 coating circles.

and this side is the This paper deals with both the demography of the (rather small) modern-day Muslim population in Japan and cotton wool blend embroidered side

beni ouarain hendira braids

Their are two long braids on the side that are used to secure the cloak as you wear it


When it is snowing it would be worn with the shag out so the snow would slide to the ground.

beni-ouarain-shag -inside

When it is cold the owner would wear it with the shaggy side closest to their body.

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