Rug Panels

Posted on: December 5th, 2012

Rug Panels are noticeable in this 1920’s Whitehall Wilton Anglo Persian Rug(Phoenix Bird). It is an Art Nouveau piece that came to us for cleaning. It was made by Whitthall-Wilton in Worcester, MA. In the 18th century Kiddermeinster, England began producing woven carpets. Matthew Whittall, was born in Kidderminster, England in 1843. At 21 years of age took a job with a local carpet manufacturer. There he learned the carpet manufacturing business including loom work. He married in 1868 then moved his family to the United States in 1871. He took the position of superintendent at the Compton Carpet Company in Worcester, Massachusetts. In 1879 Compton Carpet Company closed. Matthew leased a building in South Worcester; bought twelve looms (in England) & began manufacturing Wilton & Brussels Carpets. Whittall’s Mill became a major employer for Worcester for almost eight decades. After WWII a major flood destroyed most of the mill’s equipment, that with changing trends resulted in the closure of Whittall Mills. The design seen on this Wilton Whitthall Rug is one of Whittall’s familiar Persian-Chinese designs. The rug has the Wilton weave with wool pile. Because the pile is worn you can see a faint white line which is where two panels where joined ( frontside of the rug). In total there are four lengthwise rug panels sewn together.

Rug Panels-Wilton Whittall Rug



On the backside you can clearly see where the rug panels were sewn together.

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