Wool Rug Spotters

Posted on: January 11th, 2013

Spotters sold in retail stores that are advertised as “safe” for rugs are not formulated for Natural Fibers such as Wool, Cotton & Silk or blended fibers. They are designed for nylon or polyester wall to wall carpets or area rugs. These over the counter products can cause permanent color loss due to reducing agents and optic brighteners. Often the bleaching (oxidizing) effect will not be noticed until the rug is wet and the excessive detergent is thoroughly rinsed out. Do not use FOLEX, RESOLVE, or OXYCLEAN to treat pet stains, food stains or beverage spills on natural fiber rugs including wool, silk, cotton, or blended rugs. Contact us to discuss what wool rug spotters are appropriate for the spill or stain on your wool, silk or cotton rugs. The secret to effectively preventing a permanent stain from food & beverage spills, grease & pet accidents is timing. The faster you can remove the spill or pet accident the more likely it is that you can prevent permanent fiber damage. Damage from urine is almost immediate. Soak up liquids as quickly as possible. If there are loose solids use a paint scraper to get under the debris and discard it in a leak proof bucket or bag. Often you can apply a 50 50 solution of water & white vinegar using a sponge to blot the area repeating until there is no residue lifting from the rug. Continue to use towels to blot the area until there is no more moisture coming out of the rug. Dry the rug with fans until it is dry on both sides. Do not rub or scrub spots or stains as the friction will damage the natural fibers. If you get the spot out by scrubbing you will have permanent fiber distortion. Distortion caused by fiber breakage is not reversible. Avoid using carpet fresheners. Overuse of these masking agents leave excessive amounts of powdered material in the rug which over time will harden and become impacted in the foundation yarns. Any soiling including freshing agents, will break down natural wool fibers.

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